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  1. Andrew, old Butler grad and basketball junky here. Often think about you and Samantha and your constant struggle. Please know that there are many of us that wish you well and look forward to seeing you both healthy and without further concern.

    1. My heart does break for you, but also rejoices that you have God so solidly in the middle of this. I will pray specifically for healing of Andrew! Please know, though we have not met, I am going to pray earnestly for you! In Christ!


  2. Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Smith,
    I was a big fan of Andrew’s during his time at Butler (it was my favorite college basketball team) but didn’t know anything about him after he graduated until I found your blog. Just wanted to say that I am so glad to read that your faith is so strong even in such trying times, and that I keep you both in my daily prayer book! I hope that God blesses you this new year and am praying for both Andrew’s healing, and both of your spirits to be continuously uplifted by God!
    Best wishes!
    Isaiah 41:13

  3. As a Butler Alum, a basketball fan, a mother of a sophomore Bulldawg, and a physician who believes in faith’s role in medicine; I have and will continue to follow and pray. I just shared your story with a colleague who shared back that her husband is a 28 yr survivor of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma who failed routine treatment and was restored to health with a research based “new strategy” after all else failed (I had no idea before today). God blessed my day with info meant to encourage you. No matter what you choose next, your faith in God is clearly your guiding source. I pray you will receive the blessing you look for and that your physicians will be guided by God’s omnipotence, power and mercy.

  4. Samantha and Andrew,

    I am praying for healing, perspective, and a peace to come over both of you. I was made aware of this journey a little more than a month ago, as I lay in my hospital bed waiting for my own bone marrow transplant to take place. Mine was November 3. Through the grace of God, one of my brothers turned out to be a match. I too have an aggressive form of leukemia, plasma cell leukemia. The chemo regimen I was on during the spring and summer as well as the first transplant I did ( using my own cells), all took their respective tolls on my body. I am far from being out of the woods, but Gods grace and healing power have brought me to where I am today. I just want you to persevere even though it’s hard at times….keep the faith….continue your “conversations with God” as I call my prayer time. And just know that this Louisville Cardinal fan is praying for a Butler Bulldog victory!! Peace!

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